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Ray Ventura
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Learn to cook great food at home without needlessly wandering store aisles searching what to make. Yupeat is a service that makes sure that you never have to buy groceries again.

How it Works: User receive a daily email with one easy easy to make dinner recipe (inspired by celeb chefs like Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray & more), which’ll be anything from turkey sausage & rotini to comfort classics like meatloaf or chicken-fried steak.

If they dig the proposed meal, users can review the list of ingredients to pull out anything that they're already stocking at home and with one-click can purchase the ingredients they need.

Users snag their prepaid/prebagged sundries curbside at their choice of pick-up time (5-7p) post-work.

Pick-up service is currently available at the King St Safeway (in front of Caltrain station)

Why: With an average of 35,000 different products and strategically placed common items (e.g., bread, milk, etc.) in the most inconvenient parts of the store, grocery shopping is hardly designed to make the busy young professional's life any easier.  Online delivery is no better, offering the same overwhelming number of product choices except in the form of 0s and 1s.

Yupeat is one young professional's response to this overwhelming number of options, arguing that less is more. Ingredients for one meal, once per day. That's it. Users can select or deselect meal ingredients and then spend the rest of their mental cycles on what matters to them.

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