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Your Mapper: local data solutions for your apps. Your Mapper gathers, formats, and hosts geographical data from your city so you can simply map anything and integrate data into your applications and services.

Our open data api and embed a map services allows any website or app developer to integrate our hyperlocal data into their product.

We take care of the data gathering, formatting, hosting, and updating, letting companies enhance their existing product with local data.

Open Data. We gather, standardize, and geocode the best open data. Address Level. All data is address-specific and plotted using our custom geocoder. Updated. Data sets are kept up to date automatically. Standardized. One standard format so you can switch data sets easily. Now. Maps and data are ready for you in minutes, not months.

National, hyperlocal data includes public school ratings, nursing home ratings, Google Places, Yelp reviews, meth lab busts, historic sites, bridge safety, greenhouse gas sources, and toxic pollution sources.

Municipal data coverage includes crime, restaurant health reviews, property values, recent home sales, bike racks, foreclosures, real estate, property maintenance, political contributions and/or building permits for Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, New York, Portland, San Jose, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

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    YourMapper API

    Local currated geo data for your apps and products.
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    Safety Check App

    SafetyCheck is a mobile iPhone app that gives you a CrimeScore rating at your current location.
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    A nation-wide crime rating for your location. CrimeScore rating is a propriety methodology based...

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