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Yota Devices is a user experience company. Our business philosophy is based first on innovating user experience and then on applying the best emerging technologies to enhance customer experience.

Yota Devices is a private company dedicated to mobile communications and connectivity devices. The company developed its first connectivity device in 2009. In 2012, Yota Devices sold more than 1 million modems and routers, representing 6% LTE connectivity devices market in the segment of modems and routers.

Moving into the already-crowded smartphone space is a logical extension of our business philosophy, experience and entrepreneurial spirit. The challenge we have set ourselves is taking the technological advances of LTE and creating a new type of smartphone that actually redefines the customer experience for the better.

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  • Xoearbqfekbbtccom0o0


    YotaPhone ia new archetype in smartphones with two displays.

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    Rusakovskaya 13

    Moscow, 107140