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Yahoo! is a multinational internet corporation that offers a web portal, search engine, e-mail and other related services.
Jerry Yang, David Filo
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January 1, 1994
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Yahoo was founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang. It has since evolved into a major internet brand with search, content verticals, and other web services.

Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!), incorporated in 1995, is a global Internet brand. To users, the Company provides owned and operated online properties and services (Yahoo! Properties, Offerings, or Owned and Operated sites). Yahoo! also extends its marketing platform and access to Internet users beyond Yahoo! Properties through its distribution network of third-party entities (referred to as Affiliates) who have integrated its advertising offerings into their Websites (referred to as Affiliate sites) or their other offerings. To advertisers and publishers, it provides a range of marketing solutions and tools that enable businesses to reach users who visit Yahoo! Properties and its Affiliate sites. To developers, the Company provides an array of Web services and application programming interfaces (APIs), technical resources, tools, and channels to market.

The Company's offerings to users fall into five categories: Front Doors; Search; Communications and Communities; Media, and Connected Life. The majority of its offerings are available in more than 20 languages. Yahoo! generates revenues by providing marketing services to advertisers across a majority of Yahoo! Properties and Affiliate sites. Additionally, although many of its user services are free, Yahoo! does charge for a range of premium services that it offers.

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    Yahoo! Finance

    Yahoo Finance is one of the most active financial sites on the Web. The finance message boards...
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    Yahoo.com is one of the most trafficked portals on the internet, with over 100 Million hits a day.
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    My Yahoo!

    My Yahoo is a personalized home page, allowing Yahoo users to customize it with RSS feeds, Yahoo...
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    Yahoo! Answers

    Yahoo! Answers is an online community where anyone can ask and answer questions on any topic.
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    Yahoo! Mobile

    Yahoo! Mobile is Yahoo's application series for mobile devices. It includes widgets and...
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    Yahoo! Buzz

    Yahoo Buzz is a Digg-like Yahoo product where users can rank stories from a set of pre-approved...
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    Yahoo! Open Search Platform

    Yahoo's Open Search Platform, code-named SearchMonkey, allows third parties to add additional...
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    Yahoo! Search

    Yahoo! Search, the Company's algorithmic search technology, provides users with a free online...

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    SoftBank is a telecommunications and media corporation focusing on broadband, e-commerce,...
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    Reuters is best known for being a financial market data provider and news service that provided...
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    Sequoia Capital

    Venture Capital

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    Mobile Ads 1:1 targeting across multiple screens, including PC & laptops, measuring Mobile...
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    Ness Computing

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    Ouyeaa is a web-search platform for booking leisure activities and bachelor parties.

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