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Wixi is a social media network where users interact with each other by privately watching, posting and sharing content.
Arthur Madrid, Sebastien Borget
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Wixi is a social media network where users interact with each other by privately watching, posting, and sharing content of all media types, including photos, audio, and video. The site offers a unique interface, where media can be managed in the same way files are organized on a computer desktop. Uploaded files automatically convert to be played in high definition with one universal flash player that can be privately used or shared with friends, fellow Wixi members, through email, IM, mobile phones or embedded on blogs or other web sites.

As of Novermber 2007, the mobile platform will allow users to access and stream their Wixi media files through their iPhone's Safari Web browser - users access http://iphone.wixi.com. Wixi iPhone will offer a streamlined version of the full platform for mobile viewing. In addition users can stream all media content through the Wixi Universal player, browse the Wixi iPhone portal to see what new content has been uploaded by the Wixi community, and access their Wixi desktop pages or those of their friends.

Existing media-sharing platforms focus on one format -- users upload videos to one site, photos to another, and once uploaded, these files are generally public. Wixi allows users to upload all formats on one page, and to establish privacy settings for each file.

Wixi allows users to interact with their friends online, across campus or across the globe, sharing a songs or photos of their recent vacation or event. Wixi users can also meet fellow users, browse their Wixis, discove new content, and expand their social circles.

As of August 2012, the website is no longer available.

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    Wixi was launched in 2007

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