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wiMAN is a start-up company established for the purpose of simplifying wifi access and op- eration.

How that is done? By making wifi network access "social", which eliminates lengthy registration procedures (the kind associated with traditional hotspots), as well as access with shared keys or, worse yet, without a password. With our service, authentication for access is carried by means of Face- book credentials (social media login), and only then can the user navigate freely.

How it works? Everything takes place through our router:

1. You have an adsl line and you wish to create a hotspot for your clients, so you request our router

2. The router is a plug&play device: you simply connect it to your adsl, register the router on our portal, and in just a few minutes the hotspot is ready (no technical support is needed for installation, and the creation of the infrastructure is a low-cost... See More

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