Funding Received
$39.8 Million in 5 Rounds from 17 Investors
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$15 Million Series D on August 27, 2014
San Francisco, CA
Wikia operates the world’s largest network of collaboratively published content on the web; home to 400,000+ communities for fans, by fans
Angela Beesley Starling, Jimmy Wales
Social Media, Media, Search, Curated Web

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101 - 250 | 5 in CrunchBase

Wikia is home to over 400,000 communities for fans, by fans. We are often cited as the best source of accurate, dynamic, and fresh fan-authored information that is fueling virtually all aspects of popular culture: console and mobile games, cable and streaming TV shows, music festivals, big movie franchises, major sporting events, anticipated book releases, fashion trends and DIY, food and drink recipes, and current events on an international scale. Wikia's fan base continues to fuel consistent growth with over 2 billion global monthly page views in over 200 languages -- more than 40% of the traffic coming exclusively from mobile visits. Fans find their favorite fandoms through seven distinct and discoverable hubs. - Games - Movies - TV - Comics - Music - Books - Lifestyle

Whether fans are seeking the latest word on Dragon Age gameplay, adding details to Harry Potter’s family history, or looking for the perfect summer cocktail recipe, Wikia provides an environment for all superfan types to be original and empower their social presence through a creative and collaborative community.

In 2006, Wikia, Inc. was created from the minds of Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales, the creator of the free online, open-source encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Jimmy and Angela realized they could use their MediaWiki technology to support the high demand of popular culture topics like video games, movies, books, comics, music, TV, and lifestyle topics including sports, food/drink, travel, and more. Reigning as its own business platform for collaborative media publishing ever since, Wikia has more than 200 employees worldwide and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Cologne, Tokyo, and Poznan, Poland.

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    Wikianswers is a user generated content site where Internet users can ask and give answers.
  • 0425fb3b3db4c0b0a55138b37a6af211

    Wikia Search

    Search Wikia is being built into an open platform search service that gives developers access for...
  • Ty0vmlwlpl65nps3mjbh

    Scratchpad Wiki Labs

    Wikia's Scratchpad Wiki Labs is for users with narrow topics that aren't yet popular with...
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    Wikia operates the world’s largest network of collaboratively published content on the web; home...

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    A video game development company most known for developing Nintendo's Game & Watch...
  • Sypv9miig7ddo6532f80

    Asuka Asset Management

    Asuka is an independent investment advisory company based in Japan that offers global investment...
  • B7f14c246869e361c3618996a0815088
  • 14163d947b0ad92d697ee0061e95355a


    Suneight is a private equity and venture capital investment firm based in Tokyo.
  • B9fcfcf0cc379ed5c9e4e14e381c0dec

    Institutional Venture Partners (IVP)

    Later-stage venture capital firm
  • Mudlhs9edzigneh0cmeu

    Bessemer Venture Partners

    Bessemer Venture Partners has over 100 years of investing experience, with a portfolio ranging...
  • 55350ec099270194720309754ecaf94b


    Amazon is an international e-commerce company and online retailer that sells various products...
  • C8572f531519dd54fe294043b3b9c33e

    Digital Garage

    Tokyo-based Digital Garage (JASDAQ: 4819) focuses mainly on 3 business domains: startup...

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    500 3rd St Ste 405

    San Francisco, CA 94017-1889


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