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Widdit provides tools that help app developers create an interactive online experience for users on both PC and mobile ecosystems.
Yossi Marouani, Noam Fine
Personalization, Monetization, Content, Web Development, Publishing, Apps, Search

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Widdit provides publishers and app developers the ability to establish an interactive online experience for their users that is personal, productive and fun through one designated platform.

Focused on the end user experience, Widdit has developed a variety of helpful tools that delivers real value to users, while creating lucrative and engaging solutions for its partners.

Widdit’s web and mobile products are being utilized by thousands of small, medium and large sized publishers and developers, powering millions of monthly interactions for 60+million users.

Base by Widdit

Base is an innovative tool that brings mobile notifications to life. Instead of browsing through dozens of unnecessary notifications every day, Base delivers only what’s really important exactly when you need it. Base is powered by two of Widdit's advanced Android SDK's- Brains and Looks. App developers may implement those SDK's in order to better understand and engage with their users.

HomeBase by Widdit

HomeBase is an easy to implement SDK that turns the generic Android lock screen into a highly customizable gateway to content and apps. By integrating HomeBase with their app, developers enjoy an engaging solution that puts their app in the center of attention. HomeBase is also a great monetization tool for independent app developers that seek an extra revenue stream.

HomeTab by Widdit

HomeTab is a light browser extension that connects the users' Android device with the web browser. With HomeTab, end users can enjoy a much more personalized browsing experience tailored made to their needs.

Download Portals

Widdit holds an extensive solution for large app distributors and download portals. By combining the power of Widdit Installer and Download Manager, our business partners can truly benefit from their web and mobile traffic.see less

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