Funding Received
$26.5 Million in 4 Rounds from 3 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$7.5 Million on June 18, 2012 / Undisclosed Round
Mt View, CA
White Sky offers mobile security and commerce apps that provide ways for companies to interact, monetize and retain their customers.

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Capturing consumer mindshare has become increasingly difficult. It’s a problem even for companies that have nurtured and developed trusted relationships with their customers for years. Breaking through to offer relevant products and services in a timely fashion has become the biggest challenge for every marketing organization.

Traditional methods of communicating with customers – email, online ads – are now failing to generate their former high levels of click and conversion rates. Often, they’ve become a cost burden and an annoyance to their customers rather than a mechanism to generate greater customer loyalty.

The era of “push” marketing is on the wane.

But what if your customers “chose” to come to you and engage with your brand? What if they interacted with your brand daily?

White Sky Connect™ is an engaging consumer application that allows companies to communicate more effectively with their customers. How?

White Sky Connect™ gives consumers a real-time online protection service that provides one-click secure access to all their online accounts, secure credit card storage and protection against keyloggers. The compelling security application is combined with White Sky’s messaging service where partners can integrate additional services and deliver targeted offers to their customers.

Since consumers use this application an average of two times a day, it allows your brand to be top of mind daily and makes your services and offers visible daily. The Dynamic Messaging Service lets you deliver personalized content that customers choose to engage with at their leisure, helping increase your conversion rates dramatically.

Integrating multiple services and products as part of the same daily-use application allows you to retain your customers and to build additional revenue streams.

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