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WHAFF is a new kind of Social Commerce app to satisfy your needs and wants.

Have you ever thought about making money only by simply playing around with your cellphone at your bedroom? Have you ever thought about that someone just gives you money only by socializing with your friend? Have you ever thought about downloading your wanted application in cheaper price? If so,

Have you ever heard about this application that gives you a reward of money when simply downloading apps?

I know you cannot believe this but this application really exists!

This wicked social commerce application called "Whaff" will satisfy your needs and wants when you just simply download apps via Whaff with Whaff's very own exclusive rewarding system!

Whaff will reward you when you; Only download apps via Whaff for free. Only download paid apps that you always wanted to get, while Whaff gives you a discount. Invite your friends to Whaff for free. Complete a simple and wicked mission with a downloaded app for free.

You just cannot resist this awesome app when you can make money while playing around with your cellphone or just inviting your friend from a Facebook!

It sounds unbelievable but it is true! If you join Whaff and see top listings of our users, you will see some users have already earned more than 2000 dollars!

Now, Why not having fun and get rewarded? Whaff will satisfy your needs and wants by giving you an awesome reward! Get to know Whaff!- a new kind of social commerce app with a rewarding system.

---------------------------------- Best Comments from our awesome users!--------------------------------

★★★★★ Jennifer - July 21st, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy SIII(d2spr) version 21 It works I enjoy it I got paid over 22 dollars

★★★★★ Queen - Aug 24th, 2012- ZTE ZTE-X500(X500) Best appz ever Absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!

★★★★★ Ramon - Aug 25th, 2012- es209ra version 46 Keep going! The best sponsor app! Success payout is notified!


# HOW TO USE & MAKE MONEY(IN CASH!) # 1. Login to WHAFF with your Facebook account. 2. Scan, Select and download free and awesome apps you want to get. 3. If you earn more than 5 dollars, you can get payout via Paypal account. (Note: You should make Paypal account for get payout. In addition, although Amazon gift card is not available yet, it will be prepared soon as another way of payout.)

# EARN EXTRAS BY INVITING FRIENDS FROM FACEBOOK # 1. Everyone gets their own invite code when joining. 2. Either you or your friend put this invite code to the pop-up page after logged on to Whaff. 3. Both of you and your friend get extra rewards!

Note: * Available in the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Sauid Arabia, Canada, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand and more countries.

* Compatible mobile-devices for WHAFF: Samsung (Galaxy S, S2, S3, Note, Tab), LG (Optimus), HTC (Desire, One-X), Motorola (Droid, RAZR), Sony Ericsson (Xperia, Arc) and more Android Phones above ver 2.2.

* If you are not covered with a service plan which allows for a free fixed data consumption or if you have consumed more than such cap.

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