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$200 Thousand Seed on February 1, 2009
Houston, TX
Werkadoo is an online portal that matches projects with candidates based on behavioral traits and soft characteristics.
Travis Skweres, Bridgette Penel
Staffing Firms, Recruiting, Human Resources, Consumer Electronics, Freelancers, Legal, Project Management, Employment, Curated Web

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Werkadoo is an online portal that matches projects from businesses with the right candidates or teams based on soft characteristics and behavioral traits as well as hard skills and expertise. Some call Werkadoo "The eHarmony Of Business".

Because this economic recovery is set to be a jobless one, and contract work on a project by project basis will become the norm, Werkadoo has set out to bring the two sides of the equation (Businesses and Workers) together more efficiently and effectively than the current status quo. The three ways Werkadoo differentiates itself from the job boards and virtual working spaces are:

1. Match-Making: Werkadoo's unique, new match-making engine will pair up your project needs as a business or project manager with exactly the right candidate or team based on a combination of soft personality traits and qualified expertise. For businesses this means no more headaches and sifting through thousands of resumes. Post a job with Werkadoo, and your top matches will be brought to you instantly, saving time and money. For professionals, this means you can focus on doing what you do best, and not business development because the matching engine will be bringing you the projects that best fit your working style.

2. Team Formation: Werkadoo gives you the ability to form teams before starting work on projects; so all of the individual superstars out there can band together to form dream teams and compete on a higher level with the big agencies.

3. Werkspace Customization: Werkadoo knows that every project is different, and requires different tools. They also know that every person is different, and has their own tools and preferences. For that reason, Werkadoo will be allowing you to plug in all of those great collaboration and communication tools you already use, right into your fully customizable Werkspace.

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Funding Rounds (1) - $200k

  • $200k / Seed

    Feb 1, 2009

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  • Silicon Valley Location

    530 University Ave

    Palo Alto, CA 94301


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    6340 N. Eldridge Parkway

    Houston, TX 77041


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