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$240 Thousand in 1 Round from 5 Investors
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$240 Thousand Angel on January 10, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Weendy is a community based mobile app where people share real-time weather updates
Yiannis Varelas, Katerina Stroponiati
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Who needs one more Weather App? The data aspects of weather until now was somewhat pedestrian and the typical experience within the existing weather mobile apps somewhat banal. Yahoo Weather-won awards for their “design”. Their design consisted of connecting unconnected stock images that are attractive as a background. The Weather Channel was, is and always will be a cable channel. Their app is built around their cable broadcast.

Weather should be key a component on how we “experience” events in our lives.

Regardless of the activity-skiing, surfing, having drinks with friends, getting up and going to work in the morning-weather is a component in the experience. We created Weendy, a community based mobile app where people share real time weather updates. A good analogy is: Weendy is to weather as Waze is to maps. We take existing data and have a user-generated overlay for photos, current conditions, where people are, etc.

One of the initial use cases is for waters sport passionates where folks at the spot report the conditions. The app has great engagement, up to 52% (3 months retention).

Weendy represents the beginning of a new era where people use the "Internet of Things" to capture and share the conditions that affects their lives daily, and having no need of weather providers, technical data or cable to do so.

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