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Weather-driven markets are among the most powerful of all markets, simply because the weather is the most powerful force on earth. Weather Trades, Inc. (a division of Freese-Notis Weather) is proud to present Trade Winds, a service that allows investors to tap into that power.

Now in our 19th year of service, Trade Winds gives you the long-range, mid-range and immediate weather forecasts for the world's major crop growing and energy using regions...plus "big picture" analysis to know what it all will mean...plus specific commodity trading recommendations—in a year-round service unlike any other.

Will a freeze hurt the Brazilian coffee crop? Will there be a drought in the U.S. Corn Belt? What are the chances that we will have a cold winter, driving natural gas prices higher and creating havoc in Florida orange areas? What is the status on El Niño? Subscribers to Trade Winds get our answers to these and many other questions every day (via our Daily Service) and every month (via our 16-24 page monthly Newsletter)...along with our opinion on how these weather events will influence commodity prices.

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