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$648.1 Thousand Series A on November 27, 2012
San Sebastian
Description: is an online education platform enabling users to share their knowledge on topics with a worldwide community and earn money.
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Wattio develops and sells a range of gadgets and software forming a high end Smart Home solution.


Secure technology platform entirely developed in house: the Company masters all hard-, firm- & software involved in its solution to ensure flexibility

Scalable and flexible Gateway: the Linux minicomputer allows to expand the solution by connecting additional new gadgets or integrating third party hardware devices

Complete (“all-in-one”) multi-sector approach: the solution centralizes every aspect of home management (Electricity/energy, comfort, security and care) in only one solution

Simplicity of usage and coherent design: all products are easily installable and self-explanatory, representing a cool & consistent look to integrate nicely within the users’ home decoration

High product quality at an affordable price: locally designed and manufactured products including only high quality electronics contribute to a high perceived quality at a very competitive price

Funding Rounds (1) - $648.1k


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    San Sebastian Technology Park

    20009 Donostia - San Sebastián

    San Sebastian,


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