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Watchitoo is a video collaboration platform providing live multi-streaming content for the business, education and entertainment markets.
Rony Zarom
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Watchitoo combines video conferencing, collaboration and online video into one platform to provide a unique and new level of interactive, brandable and social solution to corporations, media and entertainment, live events and education providers. Watchitoo's cloud-based, feature rich and easy-to use platform is embeddable in virtually any Web interface including websites, intranets, systems integrations and social media assets. Watchitoo continually innovates with new features and products including:

Watchitoo StreamingPro

Watchitoo StreamingPro extends live events, webinars, and the broadcast experience to an actively engaged audience. The brandable, embeddable event allows the audience to become part of the show with the help of interactive features such as polling, video chat, text chat, and chat collaberation with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. (

Watchitoo ClassInteract

Watchitoo ClassInteract is an interactive online learning solution. The cloud-based, embeddable platform covers the lifecycle of learning from course management to synchronous online classes through post lecture and advanced analytics. Interactive features such as multi-cam (up to 25), multi-media collaboration, whiteboard, chat, questions and polling enhance the virtual classroom experience for both students and instructors. This dynamic engagement makes “remote learning” more impactful and increases value to both the students and the institutions. (

Watchitoo MeetingPro

Watchitoo MeetingPro enables team members, departments, executives, and clients to meet face-to-face and collaborate around any form of rich-media – without having to leave the office. Sales meetings, product announcements and webinars can easily be customized to match branding and seamlessly embeds into websites, intranets and Facebook. (

Watchitoo Playground

Chat with and present to your clients, prospects or team members ‘face to face’ with Watchitoo Playground. The cloud-based, hosted solution combines video conferencing with collaboration. Up to 11 people can connect via web cam to collaborate around nearly any form of rich media including presentations, documents, videos, images, etc. The cost-effective, easy to use platform is ideal for sales presentations, consultations, training and recruiting or online meetings. (

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