San Antonio, TX
Vysk is redefining privacy in the digital age, restoring it to everyone with hardware-based solutions for your mobile devices.

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Vysk Communications is the sophisticated everyday personal privacy solution for individuals and businesses that enable consumers to take privacy into their own hands. We empower the consumer with the tools to secure their favorite devices so that they can protect personal communications with friends, family and coworkers from preying eyes and ears.

We believe that any privacy solution needs to begin with a hardware component to lock down your device. With our technology, state-of-the-art proprietary encryption is performed on hardware using an internal processor, making any Samsung or iPhone the world’s most secure phone.

With company headquarters in San Antonio, TX and manufacturing operations, R&D and engineering staff in Silicon Valley, Vysk is comprised of some of the best cryptographers and engineers in the world who share the singular goal of developing products that put privacy back into your hands.

With the flick of a switch, users activate the patented Vysk Privacy System nullifying efforts of malware to take control of your device. The user’s device thereby becomes immune from the inherent vulnerabilities that render software-only solutions ineffective and unsecure.

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  • Headquarters

    200 Concord Plaza Dr.

    San Antonio, TX 78216