Funding Received
$19.3 Million in 3 Rounds from 10 Investors
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$268.2 Thousand on February 25, 2014 / Undisclosed Round
Santa Clara, CA
Vobile provides digital content identification solutions by using VideoDNA technology for video and audio content identification.
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Vobile services provide digital content identification solutions. The Vobile Content Identification Platform uses patented breakthrough VideoDNA technology for fast and accurate video and audio content identification. This powerful and scalable platform backed by the industry's largest owner-approved content registry supports a wide a range of applications.

The core of this platform is the patented VideoDNA "fingerprinting" technology. VideoDNA is a compact and unique signature or "fingerprint" that can be computed for any video content without altering the source content. To identify an unknown video, its VideoDNA is extracted and compared against the entries in the reference fingerprint database, known as Vobile Content Registry, to see if there is a match. If a match is found, the querying application is provided with comprehensive data on the match.

The Vobile Platform supports wide-ranging applications, including media rights management, targeted advertising, business intelligence, metadata services, asset management, and video search and categorization. In addition to developing its own applications, Vobile works with partners to make third-party applications available on the platform.

Vobile's flagship service launched in 2007 to help content owners monitor and protect their content online has been embraced by major Hollywood studios. It identifies and tracks online video and audio content quickly and accurately. Its unique web-based interface is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with customers' existing tracking and enforcement workflows.

Vobile MediaWise is a large-scale video and audio content identification system which uses VideoDNA, the industry's most accurate content identification technology and is backed by the largest owner-approved content registry. It accurately identifies video and audio content and provides metadata and business rules associated with matches thereby enabling a variety of monetization options and preventing copyright infringements.

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    MediaWise supports access to information and independent media
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    VideoTracker was launched in 2007

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