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Vives Fund was founded in 2004

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Vives is a private seed capital that invests in high-technology companies. This multi-sectoral fund supports young companies in all technological sectors, with particular emphasis on eco-innovation projects. .

Vives invests in companies at all stages of maturity: seed, start-up and growth. The deal flow of Vives is ensured by UCL spin-offs (right of 1st refusal) as well as by technological start-ups located within a radius of 250km around Louvain-la-Neuve.

The 1st investment fund, Vives I, created in 2004, was capitalised with € 15m by the following partners: the European Investment Fund (EIF), Fortis Private Equity Belgium, KBC Private Equity, Sofina, Nivelinvest and Sopartec. The investment period of this fund is now closed with Vives I no longer operational.

In September 2011, Vives II – Louvain Technology Fund closed its 1st financing round at € 43m, making it the largest European investment fund ever initiated by a university.

Vives II is capitalised by leading national and European investors such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), SFPI-FPIM, Fortis Private Equity Belgium, CDC Entreprises (France), ING Belgium, Sofina, AXA Belgium, Dexia Bank Belgium, IRD (France), Nivelinvest, but also by Sopartec and its management team.

Vives funds are managed by Sopartec, UCL´s technology transfer company and a member of the Louvain Technology Transfer Office. Within the framework of Vives II, Sopartec is charged with making investments, monitoring participation and negotiating disinvestments. The investment and disinvestment decisions are taken by an Investment Committee composed of six members of the Sopartec management team. The Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors constitute the two other management bodies of Vives II.

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