Shaking up the bike world with revolutionary new technology and design.

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We wanted Visiobike to blend futurism and elegance. So we designed our signature frame that contains and hides the electronics and drivetrain. The motor and battery are artfully integrated under the naked carbon fiber skin.

Biking has evolved. You'll be amazed at the power and sophistication we've integrated into a gorgeous, top quality, user-friendly package. It's still a bike, but a bike that gives you so much more.

And to give you a familiar, intuitive interface to all our technical innovations, we made the Visiobike app, where you control everything.

To link all Visiobike's e-components with your smartphone, it has a custom layer of hardware and software that interfaces with everything; the electric motor, battery, camera, automatic gear system, and GPS/GSM chip are all connected to Visiobike’s in-house chipset. The Visiobike app controls them and receives data via Bluetooth, and displays all the useful information you need.

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