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VeriCheck is a direct ACH (eCheck) payment processor and online payment platform for software developers and merchants.

Software developers can integrate VeriCheck's payment solution directly into their application or website utilizing VeriCheck's Payment API. VeriCheck's payment API is fully documented online and available in all programming languages. VeriCheck removes developers from the scope of PCI Compliance by storing all sensitive payment and customer information in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant vault.

For merchants, VeriCheck provides out of the box software-as-a-service solutions either by way of their online merchant portal or through dozens of different industry customized payment acceptance software. Merchants can utilize VeriCheck's online system to initiate debits to customer's accounts as well as view detailed reports of all payment activity in real-time. VeriCheck allows merchants to; initiate one-time payments through an online virtual terminal, setup customers for recurring payments, accept payments at the point-of-sale, and build hosted online payment forms for their website.

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  • Atlanta Georgia

    1848 Independence Square

    Suitce C

    Atlanta, GA 30338


  • North Georgia

    12A Town Square

    Blairsville, GA 30512


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