Funding Received
$16 Million in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$5 Million Series B on November 13, 2006
Sandy, UT
Venafi is a cybersecurity company that provides Enterprise Key and Certificate Management (EKCM) security solutions.
Data Security, Enterprise Software

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Digital information has transformed into one of the most crucial business assets an organization owns. As a result, protecting critical information and its availability is now a strategic business imperative. Encryption is the most pervasive technology employed today for protecting data. In fact, while encryption was once used almost exclusively to protect information using symmetric and asymmetric keys to scramble data, now it is also used in authentication mechanisms to confirm the identity of a user or a device, and for digital signing to ensure the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of data.

The new mandates regulatory bodies are layering on firms requiring that they secure specific types and classes of data are causing an upsurge in the use of encryption. For example, nearly half of US States have passed laws forcing companies to notify individuals whenever certain types of unencrypted customer data are lost or stolen. Organizations that have had to report such breaches, have seen substantial deterioration of their reputations, and seen sharp declines in stock valuations. Encryption is the tool-of-choice for meeting these new requirements.

The ever-growing use of encryption is creating new challenges to manage increased complexity. Venafi software helps organizations protect vital information assets and critical systems from compromise and failure in a cost-effective and scalable manner by automating many of the most common manual tasks associated with managing encryption.

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  • Worldwide Headquarters

    9350 South 150 East Suite 910

    Sandy, UT 84070


  • Sales Office

    10 Fenchurch Avenue

    London, EC3M 5BN


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