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VEFXi has created and manufactures the highest quality realtime 2D to 3D converters in ten hardware market segments and six service markets. We are the only ones manufacturing hardware with high enough quality to be used by movie studios with clean video, deep-depth and awesome pop-out. In fact our 3D-Bee 2D to 3D converters are a higher quality than the leading $35,000 commercial box, but sold at consumer prices. 3D-Bee's 3D conversion quality is often better than that taken with real 3D commercial cameras. This is from what we've been told by movie production companies.

Here at VEFXi we are thinking ahead and using our imagination to bring you a new 3D-tastic reality and futuristic entertainment experience. We are driven by our innovative approach to continually develop and bring to you new products that will add excitement and a new dimension to life. In fact we already have a few new products and technologies coming down the pipeline on top of our original three realtime 2D to 3D converters.

We believe in smart integration of 3D entertainment and technology. Our products offer fantastic opportunities to capture attention in the education field, sustain business engagement and provide exciting 3D entertainment.

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