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January 21, 2009
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UX LLC is a design studio that focuses on interactive design. The company identifies opportunities, defines strategies, and designs brands and interfaces that meet client goals.

Clientage is a mix of big brands, technology start-ups, publishing companies and government bodies including Microsoft, Thirdpresence, Graphic World, Estonian Research Council, Estonian Environmental Research Center and others. The studio also works with ad agencies, marketing firms, and in-house marketing departments.

UX LLC is able to design your business, products and services. Strategic design identifies hidden customer needs and business possibilities, encouraging change through design. Conceptual design pinpoints new business ideas and makes them into concepts, then into tangible prototypes. Lastly the phase of detailed design crafts beautiful digital products and services that people love to use.

The studio is founded by designer Lembit Kivisik who has worked in design, media and publishing since 1997, and provided services for clients like Nokia, Elsevier, Telia, Sokos Hotels, Finlayson, Finnmatkat and many more.

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  • UX LLC

    Trummi 22b

    Tallinn, 12617