January, 2012
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Usurv has created a self-service online survey platform that enables businesses to conduct fast, cost-effective market research while earning extra revenues for site publishers.

Usurv aims to open up the market for this kind of quantitative research by making it accessible to small businesses for the first time, as well as providing a more efficient, faster solution to traditionally heavy users of research such as major brands, marketers and PRs.

Initially available in the UK, its partner network of online publishers and web sites share the revenue by hosting Usurv’s short online polls, while protecting user privacy.

Usurv differs from traditional survey offerings in the way it delivers questions to respondents by displaying them to people who are surfing on partner sites. By contrast most traditional online research, such as omnibus surveys, relies on emailed questionnaires served to paid panels of respondents that complete surveys for cash.

This cost saving, married with Usurv’s very high 30 per cent survey completion rate - compared to an industry average which is well under 10 per cent - allows the company to turn around results of surveys of 1000 respondents in an as little as an hour. Surveys can be launched for as little as £10 and results start rolling in immediately. Larger surveys of 1000 respondents can be run for a price of £200.

The company was established in the UK in January 2012 by a team that includes successful online entrepreneur, Martin Bysh, and experienced market research director, Guy Potter.

Advisors include Gavin Potter, who has worked for IBM's Centre for Business Optimisation in Europe and is internationally known for his work on recommendation systems.

Usurv is based in London and is privately held.

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