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US Federal Contractor Registration preforms Government filings for local business saving business owners time. The services include CCR Registration, ORCA Filing Preparation, and marketing to key government buyers.

Who is US Federal Contractor Registration?

To answer the question of who is US Federal Contractor Registration we first have to understand why US Federal Contractor Registration was created, and below is the answer.

The current administration in 2009 set aside $442,274,739,907 11 to be spent with small businesses and the government in 2009 only awarded $96,833,802,399.93 in contracts to small businesses. The government awarded less than 22% of the money set aside for small businesses in 2009, talk about a problem for small businesses. Government buyers in response stated they do not have enough qualified properly registered vendors to handle the set-asides for small businesses. The buyers are turning to large companies to spend small business set-asides because they can’t find registered small businesses.

The government created PTAC to help small businesses learn how to get registered to get federal contracts, why do we still have this problem? The shore answer PTAC is a great service that educates businesses on government contracting and offers assistance to businesses that want to perform their own government registration and marketing. Due to the tremendous amount of work involved with learning and completing the paperwork to become a government vendor many potential new vendors spend hours going to PTAC classes to learn the procedures to complete their registrations. Sometimes the vendor has to attend multiple classes over several months just to learn the procedures before they begin completing the registrations. Many business owners that are interested in doing work for the government exit the process before they finish getting registered. Some businesses obtain the registration but fail to learn how to properly submit bids to the government.

Government buyers and businesses owners identified the biggest problem to getting businesses registered was the time to learn and perform the registration. The time needed to learn the process was often in excess of 20 hours even for the most advanced users. US Federal Contractor Registration solves this problem by giving businesses an option to pay $599.00 to have a Case Manager perform and file their registrations on behalf of businesses. Once these businesses are registered US Federal Contractor Registration takes it a step further and submits the new vendors information to the government buyers in a monthly regional newsletter.

Business owners in today’s climate are overstaffed and often can’t afford to take on a project that can easily take several weeks to complete. Business owners can come to US Federal Contractor Registration looking to pursue federal work and it less than 2 weeks time satisfy all the registration requirements to bid and accept federal work. Clients of US Federal Contractor Registration not only save time but also have the piece of mind in knowing the registration paperwork has been successfully filed. Even federal agencies and multinational corporations turn to US Federal Contractor Registration to perform and maintain registrations to ensure that the filings are accurate and up to date in order to prevent delay from Federal Government payments. All-in-all today’s small businesses owners don’t have extra resources to devote to government contracting and US Federal Contractor Registration makes it possible for all small businesses to take part in Federal Contracting.

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