Company Overview

February 18, 2009
Lauren Porat, Cari Sommer
New York, NY
Entrepreneur, Small and Medium Businesses, Startups, Freelancers, Career Management, Recruiting, Curated Web
Urban Interns is a marketplace connecting companies with people seeking part time jobs, internships and freelance positions.

Detailed Description


Urban Interns is a marketplace that connects growing companies with people seeking part-time jobs, internships, and freelance positions. It’s a faster and easier way for an entrepreneurial organization to grow their team leveraging top talent looking for a range of opportunities.

Urban Interns was created to become a go-to resource to meet the hiring needs of growing companies.  Many entrepreneurial organizations build their staff leveraging a range of variable resources including part-time help, freelancers and interns.  The economics of using a recruiting firm or paying hundreds of dollars on a big job board geared to long term professional development don’t make sense.  Filling positions by navigating through university career resources can be an unnecessarily time intensive process. Urban Interns provides a cost effective solution to the business owner looking to find a quality candidate database at their fingertips. For job-seekers, as “small business” is expected to continue to grow as a powerful engine for job creation, you see more and more talented people turning to these same positions to get a foot in the door with otherwise undiscoverable entrepreneurial organizations.

Urban Interns operates in multiple cities in the US including NYC, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC, and 1/3 of the positions on the site are virtual.

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  • $250k / Angel

    Aug 30, 2010

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  • NY Office

    708 Third Ave

    6th Floor

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