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Untappd is an app that enables users to socially share and explore the world of beer with others.
Greg Avola, Tim Mather
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Untappd is a new way to socially share the brew you're currently enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying it, with your friends!

Dubbed by the community as "the foursquare for beer", Untappd allows users to check-in to what they're drinking, have the option of attaching a location, and then share this check-in with their friends on Untappd. We take the social interaction a step further by integrating with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare (which allows you to check-in to a location via the Foursquare API). One of the things that sets us apart from most other social networks is that we focus on the niche of beer drinkers, so the audience you can target is not only interested in beer, but have been age verified to be of legal drinking age in their respective country.

In addition to allowing users to share their beer experiences and discoveries, we offer a variety of badges to entice the community to explore, as well as brag. The criteria for earning badges varies and must be completed before the badge is awarded. These can range from drinking a certain number of or variety of beers, drinking in a certain location(s), drinking between certain time periods, or even a combination of them all.

We will soon offer a wide variety of tools for breweries and venues to track and interact with users.

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    Jun 7, 2011 - Apr 18, 2012

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