UnHub allows users to create a lifestreaming portal that showcases all of their online profiles from one URL.
Jim Moran, Vinicius Vacanti
Identity, File Sharing, Social Media, Networking, Curated Web

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UnHub provides simple ways to showcase the online you.

Personal Profile Bar

Three days after being inspired by the new Skittles website, we released the UnHub Profile Bar which allows anyone to create a similar site for free. Your UnHub Profile URL directs others to your profiles, photostreams, channels, etc. with a persistent bar at the top of the screen. Instead of having to share numerous links to your various profiles, you can simply share your UnHub URL.

Your UnHub URL is perfect for email signatures or your Twitter profile's "Web" entry. It's for people and businesses. For example, see Barack Obama's and Josie's Restaurant's.

Personal Link Shortener

UnHub's newest service is a personal link shortener. Like others, we turn long URLs into a short ones. Your shortened links also include a bar at the top with a link to your UnHub Profile Bar (or any other website you choose), so people can see who shared the link, even if it gets forwarded along or retweeted.

To get started, just type in front of any URL in your browser's address bar and hit enter. The UnHub Link Bar also displays value added info about the page itself, such as number of Diggs, bookmarks on Delicious and clicks on

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