Umoo is an online virtual trading platform for financial entertainment activities.
Netta Mor
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January 1, 2007
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UMOO is a virtual online trading platform for Financial Entertainment, combining the fun of Internet based multiplayer games with the thrill and opportunity for reward offered by the stock markets. Players of UMOO enjoy a fantasy stock market game where risk is minimal and the opportunity to trade, compete and win is real.

UMOO's concept follows the ebb & flow of the S&P500 stock market index using real time quotes. Traders compete against each other instead of the markets to win. Once entering a trading competition, players receive virtual money with which to build and manage a virtual stock portfolio based on real stock market data. The objective of the players is to make the highest returns on their portfolio, just like in real life. Throughout the duration of the tournament, players are benchmarked against the performance of other players and at the end of the tournament the winners are those who have the highest relative returns. UMOO offers absolutely anyone a real opportunity to win; you can learn more about our competitions here.

UMOO offers real- time market data and a variety of research tools & information which are available on the UMOO platform. All the data and information provided by UMOO is there to help players compete effectively and fairly while improving their financial trading skills.

UMOO is for everyone, from professional traders to the absolute novice, the UMOO game can be played by anyone who wants to take part in online investing without the risk, UMOO offers you a great place to learn trading skills and compete for wealth, recognition and entertainment.

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