Funding Received
$100 Million in 1 Round from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$100 Million Private Equity on March 8, 2010
EastLondon Asian was a website that promoted musicians and producers across the UK.

Company Details


EastLondon-Asian Inc, is a simple website showing upcoming new promotion members and promotes new holy musiciners and producers around in the UK for top asian musicianers and many more.

EastLondon-Asian Inc is a holy owned record label showing all members new albums and materials released in the UK East London. This website owns the worldwide records for those members materials to be protected with websites system properties.

The website was founded on the "08th March, 2010" and became the newest website of all other promotion websites that promotes upcoming artists and producers. This website also does the same but with cool new technologies that supports "users database" that can be installed into any users profile page with cool technologies for other fans and members to check and visit.

This website can promote upto more than 100.000 Thousand members at anytime with new cool technologies installed and new business system database for users around in the UK East London based in users promotion secrtery terms. Many users had decided to work with us with our cool new "Content Identification Programme Management System" to protect there audios and videos. The new Content ID Tool is associated with "YouTube's" Content ID Management. This tool is powerfull for promotion users who owns the worldwide records of their materials for cool protection.

Uk-EastLondon-Asian. Inc - Protects your materials and records using our cool content identification programme and management systems for a views to be higher in your own profile statistics system.

UK-EastLondon-Asian. Inc has been founded by "Joynul Miah" the owner and chief executive officer of this site. This website has also been founded by the "Imran Miah" known as the Chief Technologist Officer that is the leader in Technologies and Technology tools and systems.

They both were early employees in Amazon Inc in which is located in the UK. They both were studying more about computers to earn thier goal to be a computer sciencetist which they did. They created this website and known as co-founders of this website and be's the CTO and CEO.

UK-EastLondon-Asian. Inc has about over 200 Hundred Employees and working on thier own goal seat to complete thier major work given by the product managers and leaders. Inc has over 100 offices of own room for a place to work in the community and Both companies are working together for site help needs and many more.

This website is the best promotion website for young and old artists to enjoy there work in this website, let the website do all the work for you. Seat back, and relax.

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Funding Rounds (1) - $100M


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