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$1.6 Million in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$1.6 Million Series A on December 1, 2010
uberlife is a real-world location-based socializing app that helps people spend more time with friends and likeminded people around them.
Sanchita Saha
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January 10, 2012
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uberlife is a real-world location-based socializing app to help people hang out more with their friends, network and new likeminded people around them, wherever they go.

Users join the community by signing up with Facebook or Twitter and can also connect their account.

Users create real world "hangouts" showing where they are going to be and when and broadcast these directly from the app through Facebook and Twitter to invite whoever is free to "come join". Anyone who joins can also invite their friends by broadcasting the hangout through their own networks.

Adding tags to hangouts matches these to local uberlife users' interests too, as well as their Facebook Likes and bands, to notify them that a hangout is taking place that they're interested in and to invite them to join.

Users can check in to hangouts, post comments and upload photos creating a digital memory capture of the hangout and group photo display. These actions are also (soon to be) broadcast-able directly from the app through Facebook and Twitter that enables a live activity stream before, during and after the hangout.

Users can follow other uberlife users that they'd like to hang out with to be notified when that person creates a nearby hangout. Users only become Friends in uberlife IF they are following each other AND they have attended the same hangout i.e. hung out in real life.

All users earn a Connector Score when they create hangouts and connect people in real life. When two people join a hangout and then follow each other in uberlife, the "creator" boosts their Connector Score by one.

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