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With an accessory market paralleling an extremely innovative smartphone industry and devoid of any major advancements, TYLT was created in 2011 to bring revolutionary smart product accessories and solutions for an extremely sophisticated global consumer. Literally, TYLT’s name was derived from a commitment to innovate through the unexpected while challenging the norm. TYLT = inclined to innovate and consistently T-IL-T’ing the norm. In a short timeframe, TYLT is revolutionizing the accessory category with a substantial investment and sound commitment in delivering disruptive innovation through brilliant design. TYLT’s industry-seasoned team is dedicated to shifting customer and consumer expectations through best-in-quality accessories and will move briskly to stay a step ahead of the fast-paced smart product launches TYLT will continue to foster genuine relationships with our consumers, a burgeoning group of highly mobile and extremely discerning metropolitan consumers who have quickly learned to appreciate TYLT’s innovation through purposeful and unexpected design. Rather than the next best thing to smartphones, TYLT represents things best next to smartphones and smart products.

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    TYLT Energi Backpack

    The ENERGI+ BACKPACK is a next-gen briefcase, backpack and mobile charging station. TYLT designed...