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$13.8 Thousand Seed on February 1, 2011
TwentyPeople is a skills-based profiling service that enables companies to find potential candidates via a defined set of skills.
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Update is a skill-based profiling service, enabling companies to find new hires and potential candidates through a defined set of required skills. It also allows individuals to analyze, benchmark and promote their often unique set of skills, find jobs based on their knowledge and experience or discover a path to a dream job at a specific company or industry through a dedicated matching/target algorithm.

Skills are summarized into professions and groups and allow companies to build new job profiles in a click-and-run procedure. Matching candidates appear instantly and results will be refined with every change in the job profile. This allows companies to discover talents based on their set of skills and experience, compared to the additional approach of scanning through hundreds of brushed-up resumes. will offer the service through a number of corporate plans and enable recruiters to focus on the best 1%, best 10% - local talent or people from a specific college or former company and more.

The service is free for all individual users offering and benchmarking their talent.

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  • €10k / Seed

    Feb 1, 2011

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    145-157 St. John Street

    London, EC1V 4PW


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