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Instructional, assessment delivery, and data collection solutions.
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January 1, 2002
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Turning Technologies creates leading instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. Founded in 2002, the company began with the development of response technology that was affordable, user-friendly and better documented so that users could easily grasp its benefits. Today, over 15 million response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. As the recognized leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection systems, Turning acquired eInstruction in 2013 to expand both its market share and product offerings across all industry segments.

eInstruction is a proud pioneer in education technology with more than 30 years’ experience and a diversified solution set that includes innovative classroom instruction systems, interactive whiteboards, research-based software and professional development that facilitate significantly higher levels of collaboration, engagement and achievement across all stages of the learning process.

Adding to its robust product portfolio, Turning also now offers the Triton Data Collection System, a technology-enabled testing solution that combines the front end ease of paper testing with the efficiencies of computer-based testing, rock solid reliability and security for various assessment and certification environments.

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    ResponseCard NXT

    The perfect clicker to maximize return on investment. ResponseCard NXT offers the same response...
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    TurningPoint is the easiest-to-use and most powerful polling software available, offering...
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    ResponseCard RF LCD

    The ResponseCard RF LCD clicker is designed so that participants receive visual confirmation of...
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    Triton Data Collection System

    Triton Data Collection System is a highly secure, low to no bandwidth data collection system that...
  • Daeb293ccdba7ebbaa0a34f98846c088

    ResponseCard RF

    Optimized for small, medium and large presentation environments, the ResponseCard RF (Radio...
  • 761b6a8740b3b50730345e520eee3fbc


    PresenterCard is a radio frequency hardware clicker that interacts with TurningPoint assessment...
  • Ogopwkpxpymtrnuzlrhw


    Turn any mobile device into a clicker! ResponseWare changed the classroom dynamic by becoming the...
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    PresenterWare provides users remote control of TurningPoint assessment software through the use...

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