Funding Received
$3.2 Million in 2 Rounds from 8 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$3.2 Million Convertible Note on August 21, 2013
New York, NY
Trusted Insight is a social network for institutional investors, allowing them to manage portfolios, investor networks and funds.
Alex Bangash
Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Gps, Finance, Curated Web

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Trusted Insight is a social marketplace where institutional investors meet. Its goal is to bring efficiency and transparency to the practice of institutional investing in alternative investments. It aims to connect institutional investors globally, making their workflow more efficient through the use of technology.

Trusted Insight's platform includes 68,000 LP investor professionals in 98 countries and territories around the globe. About 30,000 institutional investors engage with Trusted Insight each week. They are actively investing in alternative assets, primarily private equity, hedge funds, real estate and private companies. Its users consist of pension funds, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, banks and insurance companies. It is a platform for qualified purchasers rather than high net worth investors.

Founded by Alex Bangash, Trusted Insight started in 2010 and is venture-funded and revenue producing. Its investors were the first investors or founders of Facebook, LinkedIn,,, and Blackstone, among others. The company has offices in NYC and San Francisco.

Current Team (3)


Past Team (2)


Funding Rounds (2) - $3.2M


Investors (8)

  • 7b54b0fec3ea142001b9639cc6d17267

    RRE Ventures

    Venture Capital Firm
  • U09q6sus2p8wzhxjbppj

    Real Ventures

    Seed stage investment fund
  • Wzdifssxlqishto7tp2s

    Entrepreneurs Fund

    We invest actively in ground-breaking life science and technology businesses to accelerate their...
  • A0e5d6f32d9cbd2df585c08a47263f5e

    Founders Fund

    Founders Fund is a venture capital firm investing at every stage in companies with revolutionary...
  • 18ebe700754640f4d69f1e9beb2fff29

    Data Collective

    Data Collective is a venture fund with a unique team of experienced venture capitalists,...
  • 8c03960061a68afb531387af0412ae5d

    Initialized Capital

    Initialized Capital is a technology media property involved in profiling start-ups and reviewing...
  • E1896934dca2d4f77c1223c9a26ce964

    Lauder Partners

    Lauder Partners, LLC is an entity investing in various realms of the technology field. They...
  • Ehscebzgx2cvshmw9vxb

    500 Startups

    500 Startups is an early-stage seed fund and incubator program investing primarily in consumer...

Offices/Locations (1)

  • NYC

    336 West 37th Street

    Suite 1160

    New York, NY 10018


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