triMirror is a fashion and clothes shopping community offering a virtual fitting room with 3D clothing simulation and fitting technology.
Irina Charnaia, Len Charni, Jenny Tcharnaia
Photo Sharing, Social Media, Mobile, Graphics, Augmented Reality, Digital Signage, Kinect, Curated Web

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April 1, 2010
11 - 50 | 3 in CrunchBase

triMirror’s virtual fitting room uses the first real-time solution in the world that allows the try-on of real clothes on real-dimensioned and highly customizable avatar bodies, and which allows the user to see where the garment is tight or loose, where it juts out or sags down, and how it behaves when they move around in various ways. triMirror’s is the only product that applies dynamic clothing and streams a live video back to users live over the web. The system can be implemented online, in-store (with gesture control, avatars, or virtual mirrors), in a gaming environment, and on mobile platforms and customized to retailers’ specific needs. Conversions increase while costs of returns of ill-fitting clothes decrease.

triMirror’s other project is a mobile social networking app that that lets users share fashion photos, get advice in real time while shopping, organize and share their virtual closets and looks, and compete in contests. The platform is available to be leveraged by retailers and brands wanting to connect with users on a personal level. With its advanced functionality, the app has over 200,000 downloads and 4 star average ratings.

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