Trigger Happy is a content creation platform for content creation and app development on iPads.
Cathy Butler, Karl Butler, Israel Cooper, Shona Grundy
Content, Graphics, iPad, Games

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Trigger Happy develops platforms that enable social animation on mobile devices.

TOON HERO, the flagship product for Trigger Happy, is an exciting iPad app that allows people of all ages to easily create their own animated stories using world-famous characters. TOON HERO is putting world famous characters in the hands of people in a way that is fun and easy-to-use. The highly intuitive interface allows anyone with an iPad to share their own creations on the social web (and on the social network www.toonhero.com) using HTML5 technology.

Using exclusively licensed characters and background images, TOON HERO users can easily share their own creations as status updates, stories, jokes, greetings, webisodes and more.

Content Partnerships include: National Geographic, The Jim Henson Co. eONE, Valve, Moonscoop, Mukpuddy with more exciting annoucements to follow.

With TOON HERO, people will experience a new wave of social media that’s not limited to 140 characters, sharing a video, or someone else’s picture, but rather a way to express themselves by creating their own content. TOON HERO aims to be the launch pad where aspiring filmmakers, authors and animators can discover and reach the world with their hidden talents.

The TOON HERO app is available worldwide in 14 languages and free to download from the App Store on the iPad. The ‘Digital Toystore’ component of Toon Hero gives people the option to make in-app purchases for new characters, backgrounds and more. Users can purchase characters and backgrounds for as little as USD .99 cents for single units.

For more information on Trigger Happy visit www.iamtriggerhappy.com

Download Toon Hero on the iPad for FREE. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toon-hero/id581413681

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    Trigger Happy’s first product TOON HERO is due for release in early 2013. TOON HERO is a first of...

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