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Transgenomic offers products for purification and analysis of nucleic acids used in the life sciences industry for research.

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Transgenomic, Inc. (Transgenomic) provides products for the purification and analysis of nucleic acids used in the life sciences industry for research focused on molecular genetics and diagnostics. The Company also provides genetic variation analytical services to the medical research, clinical and pharmaceutical markets.

Its products and services are categorized as Instrument Related Business and Laboratory Services. It has sold its products to customers in over 50 countries. Customers include numerous academic and medical institutions in the United States and abroad. In addition, its customers also include number of pharmaceutical, biotech and commercial companies both in the United States and abroad. In December 2010, the Company acquired Clinical Data, Inc.'s diagnostic business.

ransgenomic, Inc. ( is a global biotechnology company advancing personalized medicine in cardiology, oncology, and inherited diseases through its proprietary molecular technologies and world-class clinical and research services. The Company is the global leader in cardiac genetic testing with a family of innovative products, including its flagship C-GAAP test, designed to detect gene mutations which indicate cardiac disorders, or which can lead to serious adverse events.

Transgenomic has three complementary business divisions: Transgenomic Clinical Laboratories, which specializes in molecular diagnostics for cardiology, oncology, neurology, and mitochondrial disorders; Transgenomic Pharmacogenomic Services, a contract research laboratory that specializes in supporting all phases of pre-clinical and clinical trials for oncology drugs in development; and Transgenomic Diagnostic Tools, which produces equipment, reagents, and other consumables that empower clinical and research applications in molecular testing and cytogenetics.

Transgenomic believes there is significant opportunity for continued growth across all three businesses by leveraging their synergistic capabilities, technologies, and expertise. The Company actively develops and acquires new technology and other intellectual property that strengthens its leadership in personalized medicine.

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