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$5.2 Million in 3 Rounds from 5 Investors
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$3 Million Debt Financing on April 3, 2014
Minnetonka, MN
TrackIF is a web tracking browser extension and mobile app that helps people track what they want most on the web.
Doug Berg
Price Comparison, Curated Web

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TrackIF is a personal awareness engine that helps people to create their own personalized web alerts based on their interests, which helps bring the web to them instead of wasting time searching and shopping online. Think of it like Pinterest meets Google Alerts.

Not just another price watching/comparison tool, TrackIf is also an every-day web utility that keeps users aware of what they want online. Whether they are waiting for that hot dress to go on sale, hunting for a new car across several auto sites, seeing if their dream home becomes more affordable, wanting to know when it’s time to buy or sell their stocks, keeping an eye on the job market, watching for where any new hot product is available, or keeping an eye out for the best travel deals. TrackIf puts watching the web on autopilot and keeps users aware of anything they are tracking online through a single site, which helps keep their personal information in their control and reduces the amount of spam and unwanted marketing most people receive.

The site features Pinterest-like capabilities -- but also provides full alerting and in-depth intelligence around tracked items for a more robust experience than simply sharing pictures of items. users can not only search what others are tracking based on any item’s popularity, but are powered with information about the optimal time to buy products tracked through price history tracking of 600,000 products at thousands of shopping sites, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and others. TrackIf also features a browser plugin, which allows users to instantly track anything they see while browsing sites online such as products, saved searches, out-of-stock items, etc; and TrackIf offers mobile applications, which allows users to manage their trackers and access the product price history for any product on their mobile phone.

In addition to benefiting consumer users, TrackIf also provides valuable retail site integration capabilities to empower them to drive sales, including easy-to-integrate branded tools to help capture purchase intent, out-of-stock tracking, and new item alerts, which creates a highly personalized experience for site users. In addition, TrackIf automates the re-marketing of users to retail sites based on the items users are tracking, which drives higher repeat visitor rates, increases revenues, and cuts online marketing costs substantially, while also providing sites with intelligence about the future purchase interest of their online visitors. TrackIf is planning to launch its advertising and market intelligence solutions for advertisers mid 2014, which will provide powerful resources to retailers, brands, and anyone seeking to target users based on products, sites, or to understand behavior of users online.

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