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Tourism Radio® was founded by Mark Allewell in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2005. Following several months of research and development, the product was launched in collaboration with various car rental agencies and tourism-related advertisers. Feedback from this initial launch of 200 units came back very positive, and the company has grown from strength to strength. The company has since expanded its operations to Spain and New Zealand.

The Concept:

Tourism Radio® uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide location-based information on the go. This is through the use of a specially designed Tourism Radio® device, or a GPS-enabled mobile phone application.

Location based advertising has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the mobile phone industry, and

Tourism Radio® combines this with intelligently structured audio travel information that appeals to the listener.

The GPS device and mobile application are programmed in such a way that listeners are given information about their surroundings, as they move from place to place. This information varies as follows:

• General information and music are played when the listener is in a “default area” that is without any specific stored information, or if the listener has already listened to all the area information available.

• Information about local culture, language, must-see places and attractions, as well as general curiosities and anecdotes are also played.

• When the listener then moves into a set geographic area of interest, the information and music played are specific to that area, giving the listener a tailor made programme as they travel.

• Point-of-interest information is also provided when the listener is in close proximity to them, providing on-the-go suggestions about what to see and do.

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