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Lock, through its simplicity, compelling design and instant action delivers an engaging experience for every fan. Lock enables friends to instantly square off in controversial sports predictions against one another. Lock turns your mobile device into a real-time sports magnet, allowing users to create a network of friends ready to compete. Major flaws exist in current fantasy products which turn off far too many prospective sports fans. The goal of Lock is to remove the time-suck, the overwhelming complexities and the web-based model that preceded this app. By introducing a simple, social ecosystem, that lives solely on mobile, we have created an opportunity for every sports fan to engage in a lightweight way against their friends.

To Download the App Use the following bitly link: http://bit.ly/1cdK7sb

Key Features:

Real-Time Scoring: Lock automatically updates scoring for each challenge. The app shows exactly how much is riding on each challenge and with each respective friend.

Real-Time Notifications: Lock sends out push notifications pertaining to players that you have chosen; close games, big plays, stat updates. Never miss important updates again.

Trash Talk: Disagree with all of your friends? Lock enables friends to trash talk during the action.

Comprehensive Ledger: Lock is designed to keep track of every challenge that has taken place between friends. There is a level of detail that is unparalleled in the space. There is no hiding from results.

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