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June, 2012
Hayden Metsky, Thiago Vieira
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Tipflare is an online assistance provider giving recommendations for movies, music and restaurants.



Tipflare is the refreshingly simple way to find new movies, music, restaurants, and more -- all based on what you already like.

Tipflare allows people to discover what they'll love in just about any topic, including movies, music, and restaurants. After users tell Tipflare examples of what they like, Tipflare immediately tells them examples (or tips) of what it thinks they'll love. Tipflare tries to understand its users' tastes so its tips are personalized for each user. To reflect this, every tip a user receives comes with a score that indicates how much Tipflare thinks the tip is a match for the user.

Tipflare also includes a "New for You" option, which gives users tips based on where they are, the day of the week, the time of day, and more. For example, at dinner time it suggests a restaurant close to the user. Similarly, on a weeknight it suggests a TV show.

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