April 26, 2008
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Update is an online community that allows people to create, compare and upload information by creating timelines, and to view information uploaded by others. Information can be uploaded by individuals, as well as companies or (public) institutions.

The subjects of the timelines can be anything which relates to time. For instance, one can create a timeline about ones favorite pop star, or one can create a timeline about a scientific subject, like history. But also timelines about company histories, individuals as yourself, your favorite summer melodies, your favorite car, all these timelines can be created on

The TimeRime timelines can be characterized as interactive and multimedia. The timelines can be filled with text, music or YouTube movies, which makes a platform that combines popular communities and other internet applications in one new portal.

The business model of this portal is based on advertising. Next to the basic GoogleAds, companies and institutions can advertise on this portal. Furthermore, TimeRime BV offers the application as a business solution, that can be integrated in other websites.

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  • Rotterdam

    Lloydstraat 138c

    Rotterdam, 3024 EA


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