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Time To Know offers a digital teaching platform with a core curriculum that provides one-to-one computing classrooms for students.
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Time To Know introduces the first interactive core curriculum with a digital teaching platform, designed to function as the primary instructional platform in today’s one-to-one computing classrooms. Teachers use the interactive core curriculum and the digital teaching platform to manage all classroom activities and deliver a personalized curriculum to every student.

The holistic solution includes robust teaching tools for differentiated instruction, lesson planning, real-time classroom management, assessment, reporting and collaboration. It blends digital and traditional instructional activities.

Ongoing feedback and alerts during class enable the teacher to track each student’s progress. It helps the teacher to address student needs with customized assignments to different proficiency levels and learning styles, and content delivery that offers a choice of audio, text, or visual instructions. Time To Know’s teaching platform and its Practice Adaptive Learning (PAL) system enable students to learn at their own pace and according to their own proficiency levels, making the complex task of teaching students with differing needs a reality.

Time To Know enhances student learning by providing engaging and adaptive content focused on exploration, inquiry-based learning, collaborative class discussions, multimedia activities, and games. In addition, Time To Know has developed innovative Rich Exploration Applets for deeper concept learning. Time To Know’s classroom environment reinforces students’ self confidence, boosts learning motivation, and develops students’ skills as team participants and self-directed learners. With its focus on problem-solving and skill-building, Time To Know develops higher-order thinking skills, while Teachers prepare students for high stakes tests without teaching to the test. Independent evaluations and scientifically based research have demonstrated positive effects in Time to Know classrooms. Today there are about 60 Time To Know classrooms in the US and Israel, and this number is growing rapidly.

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