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Time Inc., a Time Warner company, is one of the largest content companies in the world. With a portfolio of 21 U.S. magazines and more than 25 U.S. Web sites, including some of the world's most popular, powerful and trusted brands, it is the largest magazine publisher in the U.S., and a leading publisher in the U.K. and Mexico.

Time Inc.'s popular brands and successful franchises extend to online, television, cable VOD, satellite radio, mobile devices, events and branded products. Each month, one out of every two American adults reads a Time Inc. magazine, and one out of every seven who are online visits a company Web site.

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Past Team (24)

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    Lucia Ballas-Traynor

    2008 - Jan, 2011
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    Allen Barr

    Vice President, Time Inc. Ventures; Chief Operating Officer, Hippocrates Partners ,,Business Manager, TIME Magazine (Worldwide),, Business Manager,TV-CABLE WEEK Magazine ,,Manager, Financial Planning, Magazine Group
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    Joe Del Toro

    General Manager
    2003 - Jan, 2008
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    Robin Domeniconi

    President, Media Group
    2005 - Jan, 2007
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    Bruce Douglas

    Consumer Marketing Division
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    Marc Ellenbogen

    Associate General Counsel; VP, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Time Warner Retail
    2002 - Jan, 2012
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    Kenneth Fuchs

    VP of Emerging Platforms for Business Development
    Oct, 2010
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Investments (1)

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    SirenServ, Inc. develops and licenses Web content and tools for Web sites and wireless carriers...

    $1.5M  / Unknown

    Nov 30, 2000 - Unknown Round Details

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  • New York

    1271 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NY


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