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March 27, 1998
San Jose, CA
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ThinkFree is a mobile office suite targeted at users of Microsoft's traditional Office programs.

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ThinkFree is a mobile office suite targeted at users of Microsoft's traditional Office programs. ThinkFree Office includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program. ThinkFree Office is compatible with Microsoft's Office formats and has a low learning curve for users of Microsoft's products who want to switch over.

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Products (7)

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    ThinkFree Docs

    ThinkFree Docs allows users to search, share, tag and publish Microsoft Office and ThinkFree...
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    ThinkFree Mobile

    ThinkFree Mobile provides a rich viewing and editing experience on portable devices, allowing...
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    ThinkFree Conversion Server

    ThinkFree Conversion Server is a standalone solution for converting office documents into...
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    ThinkFree Server Professional

    ThinkFree Server Professional is a comprehensive office productivity solution, including the core...
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    ThinkFree Server Standard

    ThinkFree Server Standard is a browser-based server hosted office suite. The product is fully...
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    ThinkFree Online

    ThinkFree Online is a free online edition of ThinkFree Office that runs Write, Calc and Show.
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    ThinkFree Office

    ThinkFree Office is a Microsoft Office compatible application suite comprised of word processing,...

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    100 Century Center Ct. Suite 502

    San Jose, CA 95112


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