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Theneeds is your smart personalized web, a place to discover and share the best news, videos, social posts, and more, tailored to your specific interests.

In a nutshell, Theneeds scours the web so you don't have to, constantly learns about your interests, and brings you only the web you love, in one single place. Theneeds pulls from thousands of sources, from top sites to cool blogs, social networks, and people just like you, and its underlying technology constantly learns from your activity to get smarter and more relevant the more you use it.

The power of the community is at Theneeds’ core. Vote on content, contribute, share, and interact around your passions.

Theneeds’ uniqueness is the sophistication of its core technology, built upon a powerful interplay of artificial intelligence and social interactions.

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  • HQ

    225 Bush St.

    San Francisco, CA 94104


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