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The Sandpit is an entrepreneurial organisation dedicated to finding, developing and launching the best technologies within the sales and marketing arena.

As an innovation and investment business, we're constantly on the look-out for new and exciting products to take to market. We currently offer two cutting-edge technologies - one designed to generate a return on social media, and the other to simply and effectively improve your website's performance on search engine results pages.

Our latest product is SoDash:

SoDash is a smart social media dashboard that uses artifical intelligence to cut through Twitter and find the chatter that matters to your business. Generating a return on social media is easy when SoDash automatically searches for and tags the tweets that are relevant to your business - whether these are sales leads, customer service or brand management opportunities or competitor analysis. Read more about SoDash.

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    Pablo Estrada

    Co-Founder at The Sandpit Latam/ CMO
    Dec 1, 2011 - Oct 14, 2013

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    1-5 Adam Street

    London, WC2N 6LE


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