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The Game Crafter is a print on-demand game publisher offering a web-to-print game publishing platform.
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The Game Crafter (TGC) is the leading print on demand game publisher. TGC offers the most powerful web-to-print game publishing platform on the planet. Using The Game Crafter, a game designer can easily upload their artwork, rules/documents, and choose from over 925 game parts to add to the game. Then, they can purchase it for their own use or self-publish it in the TGC online shop where it can be purchased by a worldwide audience. Once purchased, the game is sent to production and is delivered to the customer's doorstep.

The designer keeps 70% of the profit from sales and TGC takes care of everything from website hosting, credit card transaction fees, sales support, production, shipping, and customer service.

The Game Crafter is quickly becoming one of the most popular game design sites on the web. The community, comprised of both gamers and game designers, has grown to over 39,000 users with over 36,000 different game titles uploaded to the website. Over 1,600 of these games are self-published and for sale in The Game Crafter online shop. While the print on demand publishing service draws thousands of users each year, the tight community of gamers and game designers on the forums, chat system, and social networking sites are what keep people actively engaged in the site.

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  • TGC Headquarters

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