Video Search and Speech to Text
Nari Jennings, Alex French
Education, Media, Television, Events, Analytics, Video, Software

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Captioning Studio Group develops technology for video search as well as speech to text.

As social entrepreneurs with a global vision, Captioning Studio's goal is to position its Peepable™ technology as the leading search, navigation and social media platform for video, helping content owners to generate more targeted traffic and greater user engagement, while also making massive amounts of online video accessible to people with hearing loss and those with auditory and/or learning disabilities.

Captioning Studio Group also develops speech to text solutions for a wide range of industries and markets including web, conferences, events, television, performing arts and education. Solutions include a live interactive-text delivery platform, semi-automated captioning and subtitling solutions, video search, navigation, and analytics. Captioning Studio Group services are delivered over the internet to customers worldwide.

Captioning Studio is based in Adelaide, Australia.

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